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    SX138F FLEX

    L 200 x H 13.8 x W 1.5 cm

    Flex ‎

    Also available in rigid




    Flexible version of the SX138. This tall, rounded profile provides your wall with a classic finish. Thanks to its Flex technology, curved walls and surfaces are no problem. Installation remark: It is necessary to screw this profile on the wall. Flex Radius: R min = 40 cm



    Orac Decor® ornaments are made from advanced materials, so they are resistant, lightweight and easy to install. These unique product features distinguish Orac Decor® profiles from products made of wood, MDF or plaster. The majority of our products are made from a high-quality polyurethane that allows for sharp details (Purotouch®). Part of the collection is made from an extruded, impact-resistant polymer (Duropolymer®), while the basic collection uses Durofoam®. A large number of cornice mouldings, panel mouldings and skirting are available in a flexible variant: Orac® Flex. Naturally, all of these products can be painted immediately.

    Orac Decor® ornaments are resistant, light and easy to install. They are used just like light wood and are finished with quality paint. The terms and conditions of the warranty apply only if these instructions have been fully observed. Please verify the ornaments' dimensions on site before installing them. Subject to changes and deviations in size compared to the catalogue. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.
    Fire regulations
    Strict fire regulations are enforced for many interiors or projects. Please contact us for any specific requests. You can find our Fire certificate below.
    Outdoor applications
    All Xterio and Purotouch® products can be used outside. Always use DecoFix Power as installation glue and DecoFix Extra for the joints. Please ensure all Purotouch® products are finished with an exterior paint, Xterio products will not require painting. Please make sure that any products being fitted externally are installed when the temperature is 5 degrees centigrade and rising.
    We aim to limit the environmental impact of our activities as much as possible and consider the creation of a quality, safe and healthy working environment a priority. We make every effort to make continuous quality, safety and environmental improvements.