Polyforce Advantages

Polyforce general features and advantages:

 Polyforce is synthetic polymeric material of highest environmental cleanliness. Fully recyclable.Completely waterproof. Does not swell or shrink under the change of humidity and temperature. Does not absorb moisture and odours. Easily cleaned, can be used in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.)

 Mardom Decor skirting boards, in contrast to MDF skirting boards, are not being deforming, delaminating and swelling when exposed to moisture.Extremely durable. Highest impact resistance, long life service. 

ScratchShield® technology makes Polyforce skirting boards the most reliable polymer products on the market. No Products in the world.Premium skirting boards with an exclusive varnish satin coating are already finished, do not require any further painting, and have an exceptionally reach appearance and characteristics.

 Skirting boards are impact resistant, the hardest on the market; no damages or even scratches due to ScratchShield® technology.Skirting boards which designed for LED indirect lighting, protected from a negative effect of piercing of the light through the skirting surface due to LightGuard® technology. 

Those technologies have no products in the world; due to them, our skirting boards are unique and different from products of other manufacturers.Due to LightGuard technology, profiles for LED indirect lighting are completely light-proof, which has no products in the world. No need to use any additional aluminium tapes, foil or other measures.Easy and low-cost installation. Does not need special glue for joints - use the same Fix Pro adhesive for joints as well as for montage.Easily colouring and toning, perfectly bear any water-based or solvent-based paints.Light weight and high speed of installation:Light weight of items allow mounting on a drywall construction;Quick, easy and clean installation;Even a novice can ensure high quality installation;Can be cut with conventional saw.Resistant to UV light. Conventional water-based paint is enough to ensure good exploitation conditions.