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Which Skirting Boards should you choose for your home?

August 11, 2019

Which Skirting Boards should you choose for your home?

Although traditionally made from hardwood, the most popular material for skirting boards and architrave today is MDF.

Here are the types of material that Skirting and Architrave is usually made up of :

Hardwood skirting boards

Hardwood skirting is really tough and will withstand damage caused by knocks or accidents. It’s often more expensive than other types of skirting board because it can be made to order to suit your property and particular requirements – so it looks great but can cost more.

Fitting hardwood skirting can be trickier than fitting MDF moulding skirting boards or softwood skirting so if you are doing the fitting yourself, make sure you have the necessary skills before you place an order! It usually involves pre-drilling the timber, screwing into wall plugs and plugging the screw head with real-wood pellets.

For an average person, Hardwood skirting boards are not the best option. Here is why:

  1. Requires a lot of efforts to install them
  2. Costs a lot more than other material.
  3. They are pretty permanent and it would involve hiring labour to replace them.

The quality is top-notch and if money is not an issue, then you may go ahead and purchase this.

Hardwood Boards

Softwood skirting boards

People choose softwood skirting boards for their flexibility and the range of available styles and heights. Plus it’s easy to sand down and re-use if you don’t like the finish, making it a more sustainable option because you don’t need to remove it all and start from scratch. Softwood skirting boards are more susceptible to the movement, however, which can put people off.

Softwood skirting can also be stained or varnished which looks great in period or country properties. It is ideal if you need to match it to an existing skirting board design.

MDF Skirting Boards

MDF – or medium density fibreboard – is well-known for being a reliable and affordable material. Many people choose MDF skirting boards for their homes because it’s durable and it does not warp or swell easily.

This makes it perfect for use in areas such as kitchen and bathrooms in particular where it might get damp. Hardwood and softwood skirting board can warp and move in damp conditions, making MDF moulding a perfect alternative choice

Here are some reasons why you should choose MDF skirting boards for your house or next big build project!

Less likely to warp or crack

The foremost advantage of using MDF is that it is a man-made material, which means it won’t be at risk of warping or cracking as the temperature and moisture content in the surrounding atmosphere varies.

Real woods react to the conditions by expanding and contracting depending on the environment they reside in. This can be a particular annoyance where 2 pieces are joined because if the material moves or changes shape even slightly it can ruin a perfect join and create an eyesore.

The MDF we use is an industrial grade, moisture resistant MDF. This means that in addition to not warping, it can be used in places where there may be a high moisture content (like bathrooms and kitchens) without the fibres flaring up and ruining the look of the skirting board.

Available in various sizes

MDF is a man-made product that is manufactured in large sheets in a variety of sizes. This means we are able to supply skirting boards and architrave in standardised lengths. The advantage of having standard-sized lengths is that when you come to estimate the quantity of skirting you need for a particular room, you are better able to stay in control of where you place joins.

For example, if you are someone looking to install skirting boards with the minimum number of joins and you have a wall that is 3.8m long, you can order a length of MDF skirting board that is 4.2m in length so that the whole run can be achieved without an additional join.

Natural wood products are generally sold by the metre because there is no guarantee that a given tree will yield exact lengths of useable material. In this instance, you have far less control when it comes to planning the installation of your new skirting and architrave.

Moisture Resistant

We now use the densest MDF available on the market which is of the highest quality!

As well as being the most premium product available, it's moisture resistant too.

If you mop the area often, our skirting will be ideal. It won't soak up water and swell unlike other woods and standard MDF.

Pre-finished Material

Our MDF Skirting Boards and Architraves are pre-finished. That means, you only need to install them without worrying about a thing!

So don't wait around and order yourself top-quality MDF material at a price which no one else can beat! Click here to order today

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